Team Novo Nordisk announce partnership with FRÍO Italia

The world’s first all diabetes professional cycling team today confirmed their new partnership with innovative international company FRÍO Italia, a fitting collaborative relationship for Team Novo Nordisk with FRÍO at the cutting edge of practical insulin storage in a changing climate.

"Everyone affected by Type 1 Diabetes know that their lives depend on effective insulin availability 24/7," said TNN chief medical officer Rafael Castol. "And know the importance of keeping this essential treatment in the optimal storage temperature and conditions in order to maintain its effectiveness as mainstay treatment of their condition."

"Extreme temperature exposure can affect insulin effectiveness. Once opened, unrefrigerated and in use an insulin pen/vial can be effectively used for up to 28 days if stored in a dry place, avoiding direct sun exposure and ideally in a temperature ranging from 15 – 30 degrees Celsius, so what FRÍO have been doing with their innovative cases provides ideal storage conditions for a professional sports team composed of athletes with Type 1 diabetes who constantly travel around the world and require effective insulin at all times."

FRÍO Italia is the official distributor of FRÍO products in Italy, the first patented temperature-controlled cases for insulin in the world. FRÍO cases have been designed to offer an effective and economical solution to the problem of keeping insulin and many other heat-sensitive materials at a safe temperature below 30°C for a minimum of 45 consecutive hours, even at constantly high external temperatures, without the need for a refrigerator or electricity.

"We are very happy and proud to enter into our new collaboration with Team Novo Nordisk," said Niccolò Gusso of FRÍO Italia. "FRÍO Italia was born out of a history of diabetes and from a vocation: to improve with our cases, the quality of life of people who live with Type 1 diabetes."

"There are many difficulties that a person who lives with Type 1 diabetes faces and FRÍO cases represent a better way to face everyday life, achieve new goals and overcome one's limits. Our shared values and a desire to bring about positive change, principally sharing the message that an extraordinary and full life is possible with diabetes are important factors in our collaboration with Team Novo Nordisk."

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