MyWhoosh Update: Apple TV, Running, and Police!

MYWHOOSH ANNOUNCES 3.6.0 UPDATE - NEW rider profiles, achievements and trophies, live results graph, MyWhoosh Police. Running and walking, plus Apple TV compatibility, to follow.

MyWhoosh, official partner for the UCI e-sports Cycling World Championships 2024-2026, has announced a significant update to its platform with the newly-released 3.6.0 update.

The latest news follows a host of recent developments from MyWhoosh, including the 3.5.2 update (Endurance Climb, steering hardware, latest team kits) and 3.5.1 (controllable companion bots, new lap system, revamped Power Passport Test protocol).

The 3.6.0 update includes support for Mac desktop and users, expanding accessibility to a wider audience of indoor training and racing enthusiasts.

Key features of the 3.6.0 update include:
Rider Profile with History: Track and analyse your training progress, achievements, and performance history.
Economy: Earn rewards and unlock virtual accessories and upgrades for your cyclist and bike.
Achievements and Trophies: Compete for bragging rights and collect trophies for your accomplishments.
Live Result Graph: Monitor your performance in real-time with live data visualisation.
MyWhoosh Police: Ensure fair play and sportsmanship with MyWhoosh's anti-cheat measures.

Rider profile – Achievements and Trophies
Set targets and goals, track your progress, and collect points and awards to inspire improved performance and fitness levels.

Caution: Police Drone active
Cheats beware! Riders internally verified as operating outside the rules of the game will experience the new police drone overhead and be summarily removed from the race. You have been warned!

Running and Walking element imminent
The latest update introduces running functionality to the MyWhoosh platform, offering users a seamless transition between cycling and running workouts. Whether users prefer to pedal or pound the pavement, MyWhoosh now caters to their indoor training needs, providing a comprehensive fitness experience for athletes of all levels. Events, training plans and a runners’ garage will be added soon.

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