LaStelvioSantini 2024: safety first. The finish line set at the Cancano Lakes

The Unione Sportiva Bormiese and Santini announce the change of the three routes scheduled for Sunday, June 2, 2024, on the occasion of LaStelvioSantini. Due to the closure of the Stelvio Pass for safety reasons, the finish line has been moved to the Cancano Lakes.

ANAS in Sondrio has decided that, for safety reasons, the road leading to the Stelvio Pass will not be opened to traffic. Recent snowfalls on the last kilometers of the pass and unstable temperatures have made the road conditions such that essential safety requirements cannot be met. Therefore, the finish line for the three routes of LaStelvioSantini has been relocated to the Cancano Lakes, ensuring the event can take place without risks for its participants.

"We fully agree with the decision made. For an event like ours, which involves a large number of participants, there can be no margin for error, and this is why in recent weeks we have worked closely with local authorities to monitor the route conditions," commented Mario Zangrando, president of the Unione Sportiva Bormiese. "Unfortunately, we had to acknowledge the situation and opt for an alternative solution designed to guarantee the same excitement for all participants. The new finish line is therefore set at the Cancano Lakes, one of the most picturesque places within the Stelvio National Park."

Only the final part changes, but everything else remains confirmed: when competitors return to Bormio, instead of keeping to the right of the valley to tackle the first hairpin bends towards the Stelvio, they will stay on the left side towards Premadio, where the ascent to the Cancano Lakes, the new finish line, begins at Fiordalpe.

The location of the Cancano Lakes has already been tested in the past by LaStelvioSantini for the same reasons as today: in 2019, it hosted the finish line of the event. Furthermore, the Cancano Lakes were the finish line of the 18th stage of the Giro d'Italia in 2020.

The long route will be 124 kilometers, after touching Sondalo and Rogorbello, the infamous climbs of Guspessa and Mortirolo will be tackled, followed by the descent to Bormio, from where the final climb to the Cancano Lakes at 1,945 meters will start.

The medium route, no less challenging, will be 102 kilometers and will accompany the long route up to Rogorbello, followed by the return to Bormio to tackle the ascent to the Cancano Lakes.

Finally, the short route, of 59 kilometers, includes the section Bormio - Sondalo - Bormio, from where the climb to the finish line will start.

Foto: LaStelvioSantini / © Erika Pasin

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