Mywhoosh launches women's initiative for female cyclists worldwide

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In celebration of International Women’s Day, MyWhoosh will also Host A Dedicated Women’s Cycling Live Group Workout on March 9th.

MyWhoosh is proud to announce the launch of its dedicated women's initiative in 2024. The initiative aims to encourage more women to participate in virtual rides and races, and engage with community events and challenges.

In celebration of International Women's Day and the launch of the women’s initiative, MyWhoosh will host a virtual cycling group workout with live coaching, inviting users from around the globe to join together in support of women's empowerment on March 9th.

To accommodate different time zones, two sessions will be available to take part in at 7am GMT and 3pm GMT on March 9th.

This event also marks the launch of MyWhoosh’s live coaching feature, a first in this space. Recognising the importance of providing diverse coaching and workout content, MyWhoosh is also launching Video-on-demand feature and will release a series of VOD coached workouts with an equal split on female and male-led sessions. The video-on-demand feature looks to ensure that all users have access to inclusive and empowering content that helps them improve.

The launch of MyWhoosh's women's initiative comes at a pivotal time for women's cycling. With the resurgence of events like the women's Tour de France and improvements in conditions for elite female cyclists, there is a growing momentum to address disparities within the sport. Despite progress at the WorldTour level, challenges persist for many female cyclists at the elite level, including unequal pay and limited access to professional development opportunities.

MyWhoosh is dedicated to gender equality, offering equal prize funds for men and women in its events. Additionally, it provides a platform for female riders to excel and potentially earn money through cycling esports, fostering a strong community where women can thrive in virtual cycling.

Furthermore, MyWhoosh stands out with its Sunday Race Club (SRC), which not only offers thrilling competition but also groundbreaking prize money. The SRC is committed to gender equality, ensuring that both male and female racers receive equal prize money in qualifier races and monthly finals.

MyWhoosh also boasts a library of training plans and workouts designed to cater to cyclists of all levels, ensuring that users can achieve their fitness goals efficiently and effectively.

Matthew Smithson at MyWhoosh said: "We recognise the importance of championing gender diversity and empowering female cyclists. Through our women's initiative, we are dedicated to providing a space where women feel welcome, supported, and inspired to pursue their cycling goals. By offering equal opportunities and resources, we hope to contribute to the continued growth and advancement of women's cycling worldwide."

Join MyWhoosh in celebrating International Women's Day with the live group workout and the launch of its women's initiative on March 9th. Download the MyWhoosh app today and be part of a global movement to empower female cyclists everywhere.

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